Drum Facilitator & Resilience Coach 

The story of 5drums and how it all came to be, was a simple thought many years ago as I was standing in East Africa surrounded by the chaos and beauty of it all. 

I was there to teach a workshop in the capital city of Uganda and  in turn was taught much more than I could ever imagine. 

Throughout the beautiful yet traumatized country drums play a pivotal role in the community of healing. 

And it is there I learned the heart of the drum and how to use it to help others. 

I went back to East Africa the following year to submerse myself in the culture and learn how to better serve people here with the training and experiences I walked.

Through the years I have been fortunate to help countless children, teens, adult men and women alike through Art, Mentoring, Stress relief, Coaching, Drumming and so much more! 

I myself have walked through the darkness of trauma as a teenager and again when an adult. I know the road and have developed the tools to lead others out. 

My mission is to bring together people to "drum through stress in life,  trauma, depression and grief. 

I look forward to meeting each and every person that is ready to walk with me ! 

~ Laurie Lancaster