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 5drums was birthed years ago in Uganda, Africa, as  I was invited to a football game in an enormous wide open jungle like field. When I arrived, I came upon a sound that echoed and vibrated into my very being! 

The drums were big, commanding, and and that point I was mesmerized ! 

I knew then that this unique tool of the drum could be something that every culture and every age could use to help connect each other and heal parts of us that are sometimes hard to grasp due to modern living! 

It took another trip back to Uganda the year after that, to connect with the people, culture and music even more and years of helping people of all ages through different forms of relaxation that I saw this come to fruition!

5drums has grown and morphed into a simple, fun way to de-stress, heal body and mind and become a catalyst to life change in countless people through the years. 

 The rewards in reducing stress and raising  general wellbeing is why  I am  excited to continue to share this way during these trying times we have been through! 

-Laurie Lancaster