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Hello, it's me ! 

April 29th, 2023

I sit here at 3:30 am needing to walk my tired body to bed, but yet there are these 5 things I want to give out to the world. So I move forward. This all is an accumulation of years of me now coming into fruition! This will be raw, honest and most of all you can use all for your healing and awakening! 

Stay tuned everyday for help, support, empowerment and fun stuff ! 

Coming Full Circle

So much in life can rearrange when you look deeply and challenge yourself to heal. The courage to walk again where you've faced major challenges can be the most awe inspiring moment you can experience. 

I got to walk through that very thing last night! Phantom of the Opera may be coming to the Arcadia Opera House and I was at casting call last night. The amazing souls who invested their energy, passion and sounds like, blood sweat and tears welcomed us into this historic place with open arms. To say that was healing for me with my daughter and husband by my side and engaging as well with the process is an under statement. Thank you self  for not giving up through it all in the past many years, and thank you to all support always. 


Today I sit and think about what the heck are mirrors good for. Well Laurie, they help us see if we are a mess or not, and what we need to straighten in order to be out in the world more beautiful! 

So with that, sometimes looking in the mirror is not pretty at all. But if we want to be a functioning, loving person on earth, it would do us good to own a mirror and use it. 

Mirrors are not always glass either, they can be flesh and blood, living breathing, partners, kids, friends....

This type of mirror is why I write my entry today. I stare into my mirror in the bathroom and in my partner everyday. 

Now if I see, that's another thing. Because sometimes there's a need for those nifty things called magnifying mirrors to add on to really see the truth of our skin ! 

And sometimes we hate when we hurt others because we don't buy into a magnifying tool, or skip brushing your hair at all! Because maybe that day we think "we got this" and get all ego~silly. 

So as I continue to ramble, I guess my thought is this...keep looking into the mirror, keep accepting what is shown back to you, and keep learning how to love what is!