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BU & the 5drums


The story of BU ( be you ) and the 5drums is a telling of what really matters in this life! 

The "drums" in our life may be our beliefs or our talents or any other external "thing" that we believe  make us who we are and make us happy. 

But when circumstances or our own misunderstandings come to take those away or shake us, we lose our strength and joy, our very heartbeat in this world.

BU is a free little girl in a far away land that teaches us to be a human "being" not a human doing! 

Through play and allowing what is, she realizes the "drums" somehow magically come back to her tribe, when she does just that, plays and lets go of control of what "should be". 

Children and adults alike can take BU's way of living in the "rivers"

of school, jobs, heartache and illness in order to slow down, breathe,

and allow the rivers of life to flow, playing with what is. 

In BU, maybe we can all find what we have been missing

all along! Our own inner beat, our own safety within,  no matter what we find ourselves losing or going through!

A playful reminder that life is but a theater and we the actors! So maybe just let it play out! And always just BU !

Audio Book Available

June 2023