To be Seen... to be really out there

June 7 2019

Today I had my partner stand beside me. Not physically, but from afar, yet really close. Confused yet?  A long distance relationship can be sometimes. But mine is not. And I am so thankful it isn't.  He stood beside me, spurring me on to begin a journey into being fully and authentically me "out there" , right here on this paper, and newly redesigned website.

That is love. That is scary. That is all of the above . I have taught children to adults this amazing lesson of " being you fully" and empowering those same people to not care what others around them think. But when it comes to me... ha, yeah.  So he is sent to be the swift kick in the butt I need today. '

And this is truly the beginning of it all.  I am excited to share this with you all who are supposed to happen upon this.  I am a healer, and earth angel and empath a intuitive guide ~ or any name or label you want to put to what I am. It doesn't matter to me the label, I am just going to start being authentically me, for real this time :) Let's dive in this ocean! I'd love for you to come join me!