Primal Drum / Trauma Release 

1. Where do I go for sessions?

Great question!  I will come to you. Be it a club, home, lodge hospital, wherever. I serve Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, Bradenton. 

I will also be holding sessions at the Attunement Center on Holmes Beach : Find out more info at ~  the

2. What is the cost to me?

The investment  is $ 150  per person` for a 2hr session. If paid individually that will be out of pocket for you. Another possibility is a Manager/ Boss pays for the group of 5 people ( then no out of pocket expenses will be charged to you)

3. Will I need more than 1 session?

Again very good question! It always depends. You can have 1 session and feel amazing for days, weeks, months or for good. Others might want or need the constant support of a weekly session or monthly session. 

4. How many total people are in a session? 

5 total drummers and myself ~ so 6.

5. Why are there not many people in each group? 

I have learned that more people open up sooner and have much more benefit if group size is smaller.

6. You didn't answer my questions... Where can I contact you to learn more?



Stress Relief Sessions 

1. What certain types of people or group is the stress relief sessions for?

Anyone really! 5drums can come into corporate offices- mid day, or homes at night. 

Just need 5 participants to book session. 

2. How much is the Stress Relief Sessions? 

$40 per person / for 1 hour 

3. Why would I need or want a stress relief session with 5drums? 

Throughout our days we may find ourselves not breathing deeply, or maybe not able to release the frustrations or obstacles we encounter. As a unique tool used to dislodge tension within the mind and body through the use of the African Drum, 5 drums sessions can be a very beneficial and wellness boosting activity.

4. Where do I go for Sessions? 

We come to you!  If you have yourself and 4 others  minimum, we can book a session to any location in 





5. What if I don't want to be in a group, I'd prefer one to one session? 

Yes absolutely! Please call and feel free to discuss your needs and we will schedule your one to one session in a private but public location for everyone's safety & wellness needs. 

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