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With simple technology and much heart, LaurieDiane creates magical keepsakes through beautifully unique photos, tailored for  your special moments! 

Whether it be an Engagement, Wedding, Baby shower, Birth, or End of life Celebration, Laurie's unique eye for the beautiful moments in life give her such joy in doing this for others!

 These photos embrace every element around you while allowing the flow of "what is" to occur, thus creating amazingly authentic photos for you and your loved ones. 

Creativity + Unique viewpoints + Natural flow =  Magical Pictures for a lifetime ! 


"The sweetness of life is sheltered within every breath we inhale, and as we exhale the colors become even brighter ~ that is the walk of raw feeling in a moment. For that is why we live." 

Magical Times & Pricing 

*Fairy Light Package : 1 hour ~ $125.00 / includes all digital photos taken

(great for engagement, after birth photos, welcoming special one home ) 

*Adventure to Whimsical Package: 2 hours~ $225.00 / includes props & all        digital photos taken

( great for weddings, celebration of life, birthday parties, baby showers and more! ) 

*Magic Package : Magical Life Photo Books ~ $300

  includes/ 1 hr photo session, props & photo book tailored made for you! 

* all sessions on location of your choice & or nature locations on Anna Maria Island. 



"Walking alongside a special moment of another is the most magical and awe inspiring thing we can do with our lives while here" 

Looking forward to YOUR magical moment ...