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The Exchanged

"It has been hidden, this shockingly grotesque narrative of sex, slavery and the women of Africa and America. found in an old diary last year, I believe this to be the eye opener we all might need to embrace how not to be a victim, no matter your past story. A true revelation!"

~ Catherine

"Your eyes open to the scorching sun pounding upon your body, as your sweat drains off of your naked and bruised chest. Loud and startling voices wrapping you in utter fear! Dirt swirling past your nostrils as the mob gets closer and closer to the wooden board you stand on. Chained, humbled and vomiting, this is no dream, you have been exchanged!"


This historical fiction embraces the story of humanity and it's ways of dealing with pain through the aftermath of horrific actions of those run by hatred and greed.

Truly a fiction, yet created to expand our thinking, with a concept of slavery in America. We become intertwined with the story of not only bringing African slaves to America, but here within these words, during the 1800's, we traded American women to Africa in exchange for products and cash as well.

The Exchanged program was built to ship the poor, the widows, the girls lost on the streets to their fate over seas. Although as we learn here, they also took the women in rural farmlands, wives and daughters on threat of financial ruin or death.

I have created this story to shed light on the horrors of slavery, in the same but different view, because without putting yourself in another's shoes how can we truly understand the deep seated generational hatred some still carry to this day here in America.

It could have happened this way to white american women, but we know for sure it did happen to black African women, men and children. It also happens to this hour, abuse, and every dark motive imaginable to all people that encounter those run by hatred and greed.

It is written for all of us. That no matter what darkness we walk through we all can transform our stories of victim hood and start supporting the good in each of us. Shining the light of a new story within, a brighter, stronger more loving story.

I do hope you the reader can see a little of yourself in these characters and explore compassion, oneness, and resilience in the face of your own hurt and pain today, so that we can unite in our pain and heal rather than be divided within our own heart and our nation.

To those black, white, red or yellow who have suffered through history until present day, I dedicate this writing to you all! 

Much Love !

~ A Woman 2020

Available ~ Audio book

June 2023