Journeying through a 5drums  PTSD / Trauma session is an adventure into the deepest dark memory of your trauma. 

Walking side by side with 4 others and Laurie Lancaster will ensure the connection and safe travel within your mind and  body.

It is a simple process but one for the brave and ready to change their story of pain.

Within the body lays trauma. It gets stuck deep within and truly needs a different avenue to release itself. And the way of 5drums gives you just that. 

Below are the steps for the first session. Each session after is tailored a little different because it is then built for the continuing needs of all involved. 

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1. 5 people gather together 

2. Laurie briefly gives intro of what to expect, some boundaries and techniques to drum.


3. Each member shares name and why they chose to be a part. 

4. Instruction on  deep breathing will begin. Followed by body stretch. 

5. Laurie will ease group into the journey of remembering with slow rhythmic music playing to accompany the drumming from the group. 

6. Throughout this time Laurie will lead with speaking every move into your personal story of trauma experienced as you will be in a relaxed and drumming mode. 

To ensure safe emotional passage she will follow the groups needs as they ebb and flow by visually watching each member there while in the process. 

7. You will be instructed to go to the memory in your mind to see it and feel it. At that point the intensity of the drumming will begin. All expressions of emotions, such as yelling, crying, laughing, are allowed and welcomed and honored at this point of our journey. 

8. After seeing and feeling your traumatic moment, Laurie then instructs you in changing the whole scene. Drumming may stop as this process ensues. Normally eyes are closed at this point to allow freedom in individuals to tell their new story they are creating. 

9. After the story has been changed, deep breathing and body movement is essential.

10. To close session we drum as a team fully connected within our new stories !