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Wellness with Sound 

Vibrational Energy 

Everything in this Earth is energy as science states. 

Our bodies, objects around us, music, literally everything! 

Sound Healing is working with those sonic vibrations to help balance and heal the body and mind. 

Within a session the drums & quartz crystal bowl instruments are played in specialized sound frequencies and rhythms to create a healthy to body sound atmosphere, promoting...

* Deep rest

* Nervous system re`balancing 

* Emotional release


Quartz Crystal Bowl 

Interestingly our cells have antennae-like structures called cilium that receive and respond to vibrational energy fields, such as sound and light. These cilium structures are the reason why our physical bodies and mental functions are so impacted so positively with sound modalities. 

Quartz crystal is made out of two elements ~ silica & water, that are heated and naturally join together in heat and pressure to create crystalline structure we call "quartz crystal". 

Benefits of using Bowls

*Significantly reduces stress & anxiety

* Stimulates the immune system

* Assists in lowering blood pressure and anger

* Helps to calm overactive adrenals

* Increases mental & emotional clarity

African Djembe Drums

The first sound we hear is the rhythm of blood within our mothers body. The gentle comforting cascade of constant sound is what we can feel with the drum.

There are so many benefits associated with using percussion via the hands. Just as the crystal bowl vibrates on a certain wellness frequency, so does its's friend, the drum! 

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