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Also know as "grounding", it's simply just making contact with the earth elements with the soles of your feet. 

It has been said that the Earth has an electrical field that transfers to the body when engaged with it. With this connection, the body in turn takes in free electrons which are said to serve as antioxidants, preventing the development of free radicals in the body. 

It just makes you feel BETTER by ...

* Reducing inflammation and pain

* Improving circulation

*Reducing toxins

*Reducing stress

and more ! 

Medical infrared imaging shows that inflammation begins to subside within 30 min of connecting to the earth through skin to earth contact 

The HOW ...


Put aside a time to walk in nature for an hour at some point during your week. Atleast once a week:) 


Pick your best place to get out into nature. Beach, forest, garden ...

Shoes OFF 

Just take your shoes off. ( side not - always watch your area you know in order to avoid glass or other rough items :)

Enjoy & Breathe

Breathe and enjoy your walk! Either listening to music or the sounds of the location. When thoughts come, let them, then welcome them to leave.